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Set Page Title of Special Pages / Strange characters


I tried to create a SpecialPage for an Extension (some thing to show comments). Unfortunately, I am struggling to set the page title right. What I did:

  • Added the SpecialPage to the extension.json file:
    ** Under SpecialPages: "“RatingComments”: “SpecialRatingComments”
    ** Under AutoLoadClasses: “SpecialRatingComments”: “includes/specials/SpecialRatingComments.php”
  • Placed the PHP file in the corresponding Folder
  • Added a $this-> setHeaders() into the PHP file

=> Result:

Does anyone know where to alter this and where those strange symbols are coming from?

Best regards,

Those weird braces are used for missing system messages - something in the code uses the ratingcomments message (e.g. wfMessage( 'ratingcomments' ) or $this->msg( 'ratingcomments' )) but that message is not defined (in i18n/en.json and i18n/qqq.json, conventionally).

Hey! That solved it. Thanks alot. Would have searched some time.