Setup level 4 users for WMF


I think we should appoint WMF staff as trust level 4. This access level would allow them to like posts more and have access to the mod toolset like pin, close and unlist. Currently we have quite a lot of staff (as defined by discourse code) who are mods, admins or both. Trust level 4 would essentially be a verified flag. In the future trusted community members may be able to help out in that regard. Only an automated system bot currently holds this level of access.


I personally don’t see a reason to grant special permission to Wikimedia Foundation employees beforehand. Is there a problem in considering granting those permissions upon request, case by case, to anyone requesting them regardless of their affiliation?


+1 to what qgil said :slight_smile: I don’t think, that we should assign some rights to WMF staff, just because they’re paid, before we see a problem, where the community (which again includes WMF staff, if they want to) can not solve it :slight_smile:


If someone thinks that WMF employees shouldn’t get automatic rights then I think elections, internal appointment or the like should be set up so those users can help moderate the site.


Given that we don’t even have any level 3 users yet, this discussion seems a bit premature.


The basic idea is to allow them to have a Verified tag or something to stop impersonation.

Maybe a user title would be more appropriate?