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Show more than 10 languages in the side bar of a Wikipedia article



When I visited the page(like cake, coffee) on the Wikipedia website, one hundred lists of other languages appeared on the left.
At present, only 10 languages are displayed and the rest is required to press the button.
This is uncomfortable. no good.


The list of languages you see are relevant to you. If you usually use a language that is not in the list, then it will start appearing in the list as you go to that language articles. The list is customized to your usage.


If you click a language once, it will always appear in the initial compact list, which will make it easier to find it than to look for it in a long list, which frequently has more than 100 items, as you correctly noted.

If you still don’t like it, you can disable it in the preferences, in the “Appearance” tab.

See the FAQ at for more information.


I prefer to view a wiki page in multiple languages.
In the past, there was already a list of all languages before the button was pressed.
But not now.


the bless thank you and you.
grazie mile!