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Hi There, I have been developing a MediaWiki site. And wondered if there is anyone else, out there. Who knows anything about wiki development. as the wiki has grown out of control and needs attention.


Hi @KingDennisG, what is your question?

#3 if you’re asking for “professional help”. If you ask for something else, please be clearer about your question, provide more details and version information. Thanks!


Has anybody got the social profile extension working well without bugs whats the best article extension?


Depends if the help really is professional currently using 1.28.0


If you are still running 1.28 then you have a bigger and more serious problem: Your version is ancient, unsupported, and has several unfixed security vulnerabilities. See


Every software has bugs, I’d say. :slight_smile: But if you do not describe the actual problem(s) that you run into and provide steps to reproduce, then nobody can provide help or pointers…


Many thanks for the shout! at the moment it’s the searchIndex table which has crashed I’ve added loads of buggy extensions. I attempted the update but got a blank screen.


I’ve been working in fixing a lot of bugs on the social profile extension in the past couple of months. You’ll need to use MediaWiki 1.31 to benefit from those fixes, though


nice hows it looking? Yes, i tried to update it as I had to migrate to a new server, but it failed miserably. Not sure why! it could be due to not being able to migrate the searchindex table, as it has crashed. I may try to update it on the shared server but there are worries about the size of the database and crashing the server altogether. :joy::sob: is It possible to update it without the searchIndex table present?


I went ahead and re-installed from scratch, what extensions are available nowadays?


" Sorted now! I get to check out your work @Ciencia-Al-Poder the new update is pretty cool :+1:


Do you guy recommend Wikilog? what extension is best to enhance the blog/article like capability to give the users a better experience?