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Suggestions for Wikipedia history pages

[Is this the right place for this message?]

Suggestions for Wikipedia history pages:

  1. Instead of the phrase “updated since my last visit”, paint a BIG green dot on the left margin. (There is already a green dot; just make it bigger)

  2. Optional filter to compress consecutive edits by the same user, with a summary “[N edits]”.

(For the “compare selected version” button, the oldest of those N edits is used, if the compressed entry is the start of the selected range; and the most recent of them is used, if the compressed entry is the end of the selected range.)

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Hey Jorge, nice to see you here. This seems doable with an user script (maybe CSS only?).

As far as actually changing Wikimedia projects interface for all users, that is a lot harder to get consensus for.

Thanks. But that green text was added not long ago, and the first change I proposed seems trivial.

By the way, is this the right forum for such suggestions?

Depends “how” you plan to implement such a change. If you’re aiming for a user script, this is the perfect place. If you want to change the default mediawiki skin (vector, I guess) then you’d need a task in and community consensus in several forums.

I’m not certain, but I think it is a default installed user script (gadget) in the English Wikipedia.