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Hey Guys,

where can I download, Template infobox extensions? I can find info about them but not the actual download, Cheers


Which extension do you have in mind?


I am not entirely sure what its called, but its a template for information when writing posts/create a page like on Wikipedia for example. do you have knowledge of creating wiki pages? Thanks


What is the original problem you are trying to solve?


The original problem was correcting incorrect information on wikipedia. And to mirror a wiki page I am missing templates and information.


If you want to mirror pages with complex templates, you could use Special:Export which can include all used templates in the export. Even so, mirroring complex Wikipedia pages is not going to be an easy task.


Thanks for your reply Tgr, I don’t want to mirror all the wiki content, just select by relevancy. where can I find more info on special export? thanks again