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Toolforge not displaying the created tools!

I created a tool named wikicontrib almost 12 hours ago. I can find the tool here( I can not find it here(!/search/).

And when I try to execute command become wikicontrib. It displays become: no such tool 'wikicontrib'

But I actually created the tool!! what could be the reason for it and how can it be solved?

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I’ve learned from @bd808 via IRC that the maintain-kubeusers script that sets up the homedir has been causing issues recently. It has been restarted now, and that should fix the problem you are facing to login to the tool.

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There were 2 different issues:

  • The listing on!/search/ needed a manual update of the backing database table. See for the tracking task to fix this issue.
  • The maintain-kubeusers script that runs on the primary Kubernetes node inside Toolforge “got lost” in reading from the backing LDAP directory that it polls to find new tools. This has been happening for a while now and we haven’t been able to figure out exactly why. Digging deep into the root cause is not exciting today as we are actively working on a replacement system for maintain-kubeusers, so although annoying, restarting is the easy fix until we switch to different software.

Sorry for the inconvenience folks. Thanks for asking the question @Rammanojpotla and thank you @srishakatux for pinging the #wikimedia-cloud Freenode IRC channel to let us know about the question.