Upgrading Discourse (this site)


Let’s use this topic to discuss upgrades for Discourse, the software powering Wikimedia Developer Support.

Discourse offers upgrades every couple of weeks or so. While we run this pilot and we upgrade through the admin interface, I don’t see any reason not to follow these upgrades regularly. Still, every upgrade has a risk of breaking things, and it is good to have some coordination beforehand.

It would probably make more sense to have this topic elsewhere in MediaWiki.org or Phabricator, in order to keep it safe even when the site breaks. But I guess no risk no fun? :wink: We know where to find each other in any case.

This is a test for editing.


Currently there are new versions available for

  • Docker manager (careful!)
  • Discourse Solved plugin
  • Discourse

I plan to upgrade this weekend, when I have more time if anything goes wrong.


The backups seem to be working, at any rate (or anyway there’s a 30M file from Feb 2 at 03:31).
Should we set up something for testing them?

But yeah, go for it with the upgrades I say.


Version v2.0.0.beta2 +62 Looks like you upgraded recently. Fantastic!


A new version has been just announced:

This is so close to the weekend that I’d rather wait for the next weekend to proceed with this upgrade, just in case.


Is there much benefit to upgrading to betas? Seems like extra work/risk just to get things a few weeks earlier.

Btw one of the planned 2.0.0 features is “Forward long email chains to Discourse, creating posts for each email in a new topic, staging all unknown emails as new users and attaching all matching existing users by email”. That sounds pretty cool (even if not really relevant for a dev support channel).


I think there is less risk in following every beta (upgrading every other week) than upgrading from one version to another (every half year or more).

Once this site is in production, the experts will decide the right approach for us. Meanwhile… I don’t mind pressing the Update button every other weekend.

I also want to note that the problems upgrading happened in https://discourse.wmflabs.org/ (where frequent upgrades didn’t happen) not here (so far, and fair enough we haven’t piloting long enough).


Upgraded to Discourse 2.0.0.beta3. No problems.


Another increment:

I will upgrade the instance this weekend.


The announcement is

Among other things it includes user merge support.


This weekend the upgrade was so uneventful that I forgot to update this thread. :slight_smile:


Another increment:

I will upgrade the instance this weekend.


Could you also upgrade the Phabricator SSO plugin while you are at it?


Discourse upgraded to 2.0.0.beta5. Phabricator SSO upgraded as well (I haven’t tested it yet), and the Solved plugin had an update available as well.


Coming this weekend:


On your next rebuild, you will be updated to PostgreSQL version 10. This brings some performance improvements, specially in some background jobs that handle a lot of data.

Be sure to have enough free disk space for the upgrade, which will use around twice your database size.


Sorry, at the end my weekend went by sooner than expected :wink: and I didn’t do the upgrade (but I upgraded a personal pet project instance and the database update and all the rest was uneventful).

A new one is came, and I will apply them this weekend:


Uneventful upgrade, performed after checking that we have enough memory (we have plenty).


I just upgraded to the latest version before starting my trip to the Wikimedia Hackathon. :wink:

A three version upgrade! The most visible change (for some) is a new admin dashboard. There are many more tiny improvements.


Cronos / Local Dates sounds very useful for IRC meetings and such. Does it need to be enabled separately?

Test: 7:19:00 AM (Europe: Paris), 10:19:00 PM (America: Los Angeles)

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