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Upgrading Discourse (this site)

It appears enabled in the admin interface, yes. Of course it is pretty tricky to test now that so many of us happen to be at the same place (Hackathon). :joy:

I’m not sure the “default timezones” features works? It shows Los Angeles and Paris even after removing them in the admin interface. I have tried to add PDT, CET, IST and AET but they would not show.

Your version: 2.0.0.beta10
New version: 2.1.0.beta4

Ooops! Unless someone objects, I will proceed with the upgrade this weekend.

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v2.2.0.beta1 +5

I was kind of scared about this jump from 2.0.0.beta10 to 2.2.0.beta1 (2.1 stable was announced today) but actually it was just a breeze, pressing buttons from the admin interface and not seeing anything remarkable in the logs other that some gem not needed anymore etc.

I even wondered whether someone had upgraded in the meantime. I did check the current and new version available in the admin interface and I swear I saw 2.0.0 etc indeed, but didn’t copy the text or took screenshot, which now I kind of regret.

Anyway, the fact is that we are up to date, and a major version has been released with many improvements. Check:

It was about time I upgraded Discourse. What made me lazy was that this update had to be done from the command line, but then again after logging in it was just another breeze.

We are up to date now.


v2.2.0.beta6 +103



Let’s see, what we’ve got:

  • (Nothing to add)
  • Some UI and privacy options added.
  • Composer Improvement: Full Screen Mode, useful for those long posts.
  • New Badge: Wiki Editor, it had to be mentioned here. :slight_smile:
  • Mobile improvements, always good.
  • Edit conflict warning, always good.
  • Limit consecutive replies, a feature that we might or might not want to use.
  • Warn before overwriting draft, useful.
  • Lazily load images, “Now images are only loaded when they are on screen, not when they are 7 posts below.”
  • And many security improvements.

There’s a GraphViz plugin and Google Calendar integration now, neat! And apparently the Solved plugin adds metadata for the Google Knowledge Panel Q&A thingie. That would be super nice if it actually gets picked up.

Feel free to open new threads to request new plugins. :blush:

The task for supporting some diagram tool everywhere is T183689. GCal is probably more interesting for the other Discourse instance.

Nicer lazy loading and some improvements in private messages (which aren’t being used much in this instance).

The release notes include @Tgr’s path for the Chat Integration plugin (Support Matrix option for plain text instead of notice). :+1:

  • More improvements loading and optimizing images.
  • Now users can select font size in their preferences (I remember this being a request in the first days of our Phabricator)
  • Discourse Yearly Review Plugin. Nice touch. Will we have an annual review by the end of this year, showing the activity of Discourse in our production servers? :wink:

I have upgraded Discourse from 2.2.0.beta8 to 2.3.0.beta4. Here is a subjective summary of the release notes:

  • Consolidate :heart: notifications from a same user.
  • A banner message appears when a new or a user who hasn’t posted in 2 months posts, to encourage those users to continue to post.
  • Share a topic and invite a user have been merged under the “:link: Share” button.
  • Allow users to easily track/watch/mute topics via email (just reply “mute”, “track”, “watch”.
  • Improvements in automatic image resizing.
  • Now users can define different font sizes for different devices in their preferences.
  • New shortcut g s to access first suggested topic (type ? when browsing Discourse to see the full list of keywords).
  • Improved metrics charts for admins and moderators.

The Discourse team published a blog post summarizing the 2.2. release:

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We are a bit behind, but one of these days I will proceed with a new upgrade.

I have already commented about Unicode usernames and group names.

The last release comes with two features that are very relevant to our case:

Notify users on wiki edits

Users watching topics with a wiki will now be notified when the wiki is edited, even if they are not the original wiki author.

Category Review/Moderation by a non-staff group

A commonly requested feature from our community is category moderation. We’ve taken a big first step towards supporting this by adding the ability for a custom group to be granted post and flag review for topics within a specific category. For full details, and to provide feedback, see Category Group Review/Moderation

Yay! :tada: The lack of different moderator groups for different sub-areas of the forum was the biggest problem after lack of login integration, IMO.

Life got even busier and… Today I have finally upgraded Discourse.

What’s new? Check this blog post for a summary:

An this one for the 2.4 beta released a week ago:

Click here to check what exactly has been updated.



Discourse Phabricator Connect

  • Up to date



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