Upgrading Discourse (this site)


It appears enabled in the admin interface, yes. Of course it is pretty tricky to test now that so many of us happen to be at the same place (Hackathon). :joy:

I’m not sure the “default timezones” features works? It shows Los Angeles and Paris even after removing them in the admin interface. I have tried to add PDT, CET, IST and AET but they would not show.


Your version: 2.0.0.beta10
New version: 2.1.0.beta4

Ooops! Unless someone objects, I will proceed with the upgrade this weekend.


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v2.2.0.beta1 +5

I was kind of scared about this jump from 2.0.0.beta10 to 2.2.0.beta1 (2.1 stable was announced today) but actually it was just a breeze, pressing buttons from the admin interface and not seeing anything remarkable in the logs other that some gem not needed anymore etc.

I even wondered whether someone had upgraded in the meantime. I did check the current and new version available in the admin interface and I swear I saw 2.0.0 etc indeed, but didn’t copy the text or took screenshot, which now I kind of regret.

Anyway, the fact is that we are up to date, and a major version has been released with many improvements. Check: