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Using Discourse via email


Replies via email have been just enabled in this pilot site.

This should enable you to reply to topics via email notifications. Once this feature is tested and satisfactory, we can move onto new steps:

  • Creating a new topic via email.
  • Emulating mailing list behavior via Discourse.

The current setup is temporary (using a plain GMail account) but it should be good enough to test and learn here, while preparing a proper plan for production.

Related Phabricator task:


I’m not sure it is working?


I’ve not had any notifications either.


This is a reply sent from my email application.


I got this notification by email and am now responding by email.

Seems hopeful @qgil! :slight_smile: Maybe this is our Touring test succeeding (or rather the Hill test?).


It seems to be smart at stripping the extra test in the email. I like that the web interface shows an envelope in messages coming via email. Interesting!


I’m now replying to my own sent message. Will that work?

It’s nice to see that markdown (in plaintext emails) works correctly (my link in previous reply).


There’s something of a delay of course, and interesting that the time shown on a mailed message is that of the email itself, not of when it was received by Discourse. For example, I sent my first message above at 8:33 AM, and then come and kept hitting refresh here (I’m now replying via web) to see if it’d appear, and it was a good five minutes before it did. Also, your message from 8:58 (19 mins ago) didn’t show up in my inbox at all… I guess because it knew I’d already seen it here? Clever!


There is a bunch of time configuration options that I haven’t checked yet. For instance, I saw an option forcing a delay between posting a reply and sending email, in order to allow the poster some time to edit the reply before it is hardcoded in an email.