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VisualEditor Not Loading



I installed VisualEditor into mediawiki. The frontend appears to load. But progress bar never goes away. It gets stuck at 75%. After awhile(around 5 minutes), the console log prints “RESTBase load failed: error”. This probably means there is a problem with connecting to RESTbase. However, RESTbase itself does not display anything relevant to this in STDOUT. I’ve gone through most of the troubleshooting guides on Medawiki for Parsoid, RESTbase and VisualEditor. However, it’s still very hard to diagnose why this fails. How do I diagnose this?


All Config Files and Ports:


You could change the log levels to debug for starters. Can you access the RESTBase / Parsoid APIs directly?


The log levels are already debug and I can’t access Parsoid or RESTbase APIs.


Can you access Parsoid API on your server with Parsoid installed? E.g. wget localhost:<Parsoid port>, should be download a page.


Instead of clicking edit (which complicates things as it involves VE frontend code, the VE server-side API, MediaWiki config etc.) just try running both RESTBase and Parsoide in the foreground in different tabs, and in a third tab try curl -v http://localhost:7231/ and curl -v http://localhost:8000/. That should tell you whether the services are reachable at all. If not, it must be some kind of OS-level issue although I have no idea what.


I gave up and swtiched to WikiEditor. I guess VisualEditor is really beta.


This was solved eventually by moving the Parsoid/RESTbase services over to another server with a separate IP. I also had some success using it on the same server with stunnel behind a reverse proxy.