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Watching category instead of Enabling mailing list mode


Enabling mailing list mode in Email preferences seems to simulate a mailing list properly (I just tested briefly in a GMail account, others might find problems testing further). However, what if I just want to use certain categories as mailing list, but use the rest regularly?

Here goes a test: setting my preferences for this category to “Watching”.

Will I receive an email notification from this email that I am sending right now? In mailing list mode works. In Watching category… we’ll see.

Will emails received through “Watching” thread correctly, as mailing list mode does?


I didn’t get my own email by watching the category. I am replying via web.

I’ll dig deeper in the many configurations and preferences to see whether there is a way to “Include my own replies.” If not, I will ask upstream just to be sure.


Confirmed: whatching category is not the same as mailing list mode per category. See