Welcome to Wikimedia Developer Support


Wikimedia Developer Support offers a support channel for all developers and other technical contributors working with MediaWiki or other Wikimedia related technologies: APIs, extensions, skins, gadgets, templates, bots, tools, apps, data sets… If you need help with a technical problem, just ask.

This website is based on Discourse. If you have questions about how to use it, check Discourse/Help.

Your feedback about this website is very important! Bug reports, feature requests and other suggestions are very welcomed.


Wikimedia Developer Support is a pilot project running on a test instance. This is not the final deployment.

  • Although the migration of users and content to the production server is theoretically possible and we count on it, at this point it is not guaranteed (T184461).
  • The authentication system for this test instance might have changes if this project makes it to production; we are aiming to have full Wikimedia Single Sign On one day (T124691).

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