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What development environment should I use for MediaWiki on Windows

Hi guys, I’m Sohom Datta. I’m on a dual-booted machine running Linux and Windows. When I’m on Linux, I use the MediaWiki-docker-dev development environment for testing and development. However, I can’t figure out a suitable development environment for Windows. Any advice would be great.

Note: I tried using vagrant but couldn’t get it to work correctly thanks to some weird network configuration issues.

Well option A) Just use linux :wink:

Some people do use vagrant (or other VM) to do development on windows. If that doesn’t work for you, you could just install php and git, and just develop it directly on windows. Generally its pretty easy to do so, just do a git clone of the MediaWiki core gerrit repo. Go to the directory that contains your git clone of mediawiki core. Run:

php -S

(If php is not in your path, you may have to use the full C:\Wherever\Your\PHP\Binary\Is\php.exe )

From there, go to http://localhost in your web browser, follow onscreen instructions to install (You may have to adjust your php.ini file to enable certain php extensions. At the very least you probably need to enable the sqlite php extension, as that’s the easiest database to use in this setup, and doesn’t require any further installation).

If you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to ask. The people on #mediawiki irc channel can also help if you want something more real time.

I used to use XAMPP for MediaWiki (and other PHP) development on Windows. It worked pretty well. I saw someone using it recently, and was amazed that it’s still going strong, and it looked like it was working for them.

I’ve tried the XAMPP server, it seems to work for now, anyway I seemed more and more hooked to linux, so it shouldn’t be much of an issue anymore :slight_smile:

If you want to use a Linux development environment on a Windows machine, you could try MediaWiki-Vagrant. It’s not painless, but that probably applies to other methods of using Linux on a Windows machine as well.