Wikipedia telegram bot



Hi, i created a telegram bot for search in wikipedia, so i decide to write here for some feedback, review maybe you want popularization it or support like contribute to repository or starred it. I will be happy to get any feedback.

You can find it by @mytest112_bot.


The other telegram bot is


Cool bot. One feature that could be added is group handling. Or was it me that couldn’t get the right syntax to work?


In group bot will be handle all message. As example if 5 people send 5 messages concurrent, bot will send to this chat 15 answer messages, so chat will be flooded


I couldn’t manage to get that to work.

Maybe have a different syntax for group chats? Something like only responding to @botname query?

Anyway, congrats on the work.


I am thinking on a telegram bot to record audio files for wiktionary.

How can we authenticate telegram bot users with wikipedia oauth?
so that they can use their own accounts to upload audio files to commons.


IIRC @amire80 wrote a telegram bot (for enabling translating via Telegram messages), maybe has some drop-in code.

EDIT: oh right, it’s right there a few comments up… thought this was a new topic for some reason.